How To Spa

From the minute that you arrive at Chapel Spa, you will be looked after by the team.

To start off your spa day, you will be invited into the lounge to allow yourself to start unwinding with a drink.

A member of the Chapel Spa team will talk you through your day to ensure that you know of the times of your treatments and lunch.

You will then be given a tour of Chapel Spa to allow you to familiarise yourself with the surroundings and know where all the facilities are and how they operate.

We will then allow you to settle in, get changed into your robe which we provide for you within your locker and use the spa facilities at your own leisure.

The Chapel Spa team will always be at hand for when your treatments are due or for when it is time for you to have your lunch.

We would advise that you bring with you some slippers, a swimming costume and your gym kit if you would like to use the gym equipment.

We will provide you with a locker, robe, towel and shower products to use during your stay with us.

We would recommend that you take off your jewellery during the time that you are using the spa. Please leave all valuables at home or within your locker.

If you are having treatments during your spa day, for your own comfort and enjoyment, please wear your robe with dry swimwear or underwear underneath.

Disposable underwear may be needed during some of the treatments which the therapist will give to you at the beginning of the treatment.

If you would prefer to wear disposable underwear, please ask your therapist prior to the start of your treatment.