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Chapel Spa Organic Kick Start Wrap

The Kick Start Wrap is the ideal way to start that detox or weight loss programme. This gorgeous treatment contains a large amount of blueberries that are packed with anti-oxidants, vitamins and immune strengtheners. This body wrap naturally draws impurities out of the body helping to boost vitality and digestive flow. The treatment begins with body brushing, before you are cocooned in a blueberry mask whilst experiencing a de-stress scalp massage. Enjoy a warm shower before receiving a detoxifying massage to the back of the legs, thighs and stomach

(1hr)  £62

Yam and Pumpkin Enzyme Peel

Completely organic with no chemicals, but gives AMAZING results!

A delicious puree of yams and pumpkins accelerate the exfoliation process to peel away dead skin cells, reducing pigmentation, fine lines and sun damage.

Click here to find out why its this month’s Super Hero!

Why not try it in our Chapel Spa Mini Glow Facial to help your skin recover from the summer sun and prepare for more harsher weather and we promise your skin will be glowing afterwards.

30 mins  £32    To book, please call 01242 518075



Organic Muscle Reliever Wrap

Chapel Spa’s Muscle Reliever Wrap

The perfect wrap for aching muscles. This treatment begins with stimulating body brushing before you are cocooned in a gorgeous warming wrap. As the products penetrate your skin, feel your muscles relax, whilst your therapist treats you to a stress busting scalp massage. Enjoy a warm shower before our stonecrop souffle is applied and we begin our deep massage to your back and back of legs, releasing tension. The treatment will be concluded with a refreshing menthol moisturiser.

(1hr) £62    Call us on 01242 518075 to book


Paprika Deep Tissue Back Massage

Our Most Popular Massage Booked By Men and Women!

We would recommend the Paprika Deep Tissue Back Massage  to help soothe and release tight muscles whilst penetrating heat to help warm you right through to your bones this Autumn.

This powerful muscle warming treatment is the ideal way to relieve knotted and tight muscles. A paprika mask is applied to warm through the muscles, freeing up the fibres and allowing us to work deeply into the back. This technique is excellent for relieving and easing achy and tired muscles in an instant. A cooling gel is then used to refresh and soothe the back.

40 minutes £35                To book, call us on 01242 518075

CS Brows

Achieve the ultimate Chapel Spa Brow in just 40 minutes!

This is the must have eyebrow treatment which is so much more than just an eyebrow shape.
Having a defined and great shape eyebrow will dramatically improve your facial features, give you a mini eye-lift and the perfect foundation which will give you confidence when applying the rest of your make-up.

*Our model in the photo is one of our Chapel Spa girls. We decided we wanted to produce our own image of what the CS Brows can look like to give you an accurate idea rather than using a normal stock image which a lot of companies do.
Our model has had the CS Brow Treatment with Eyelash tint and has applied a normal coat of mascara.

Just £27.00




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