Arabian Rasul

A traditional exotic beauty treatment for cleansing and enriching

Ease away the stress of life…

Escape in our exotic mud chamber and take part in a traditional cleansing ritual for an enriching and private social occasion. This ancient cleansing ritual will leave your skin silky smooth and your body and mind fully relaxed. Perfect for couples, or a small group of friends.

Step into your own private aromatic temple where a therapist will guide you through a skin consultation and explain how to complete the ritual. Our Rasul products are from hand crafted spa brand La Sultan de Saba, and tailored to your skin type.

La Sultan de Saba is the creation of a Moroccan family who moved to Paris to set up the spa brand which they still own and manage today. Many of the beauty secrets are those passed down through their direct ancestry, from mother to daughter for generations.

You will apply black soap for a deep cleanse and exfoliation before relaxing In the heat of the rasul – which is known for its detoxifying properties. The treatment is completed with spritzing, finishing balms and precious oils for the face and body. For smoother and more radiant looking skin this treatment includes natural fibre, high quality loofahs for lathering and exfoliating the body. We also provide branded slippers and a fluffy white robe and towel for use throughout your visit.

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